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3 August 2020 to 11 September 2020

Use LEGO® bricks to build a model of something you can see in the Fantastic Fens and win a Lego® gift card

 Prizes: Two £75 gift cards and two £50 gift cards!
£50 card for best model by under 12 years old
£50 card for best model by over 12 years old
£75 card for model which really shouts out “Fantastic Fens”
£75 card for the most original model

  • Choose something to build out of the Lego® that you have. Your model needs to be of something you can see in the Fens countryside or towns. Be creative.
  • Watch the videos for Lego® ideas or choose something of your own – an animal, plant or landmark.   Have look around this website for things to build.  Amaze us!
  • Take a photo of your model.  Please do not photograph yourself with your model. Please take it in landscape orientation.
  • You can send in more than one model if you like, each one can be a separate entry, or you can combine them as one entry.

 To submit your entry:

Send the photo of your Lego® model to me at: .
If you are under 16 years of age, please get permission from your parent/carer, they can submit the photos for you.     

You also need to provide the following information:   

  1. Your first name
  2. Your age category (under 12 years or over 12 years)  
  3. Your postcode
  4. What your model is  
  5. If you are under 12 please answer this question: “How does your model show how fantastic the Fens are”  
  6. If you are over 12 please answer this question: “How does the subject of your model contribute to the future of the Fens?”
  7. You must answer either question 5 or 6 to be entered the competition.

Please read the Competition Terms and Conditions below for further details and information about the judging :

Good Luck!

Celebrate the Fens Day: June 20, 2020

Join in with Celebrate the Fens on June 20 (and beyond..)

Take a photo to answer the question
What do the Fens mean to you?
Send your photo to Rachael at

Watch his space for a video of all the answers…

Download a template here or just write on a piece of paper – we aren’t fussy!

The finished video!!

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This is such an interesting and important project, and the website is full of information about the Biosphere with some great pictures and really useful resources. It is so important for the Fens and future generations. Looking forward to getting involved with the Community Events.

What a great website- the photos are fab.
Thnak you for such a helpful and infromative picture of what you are doing

Thanks Hugh – a lot of the photos have been donated by Twitter followers – a lot of generous people out there!

Well done on getting such a great website up and running; having done similar myself I can totally appreciate the effort it took! The Biosphere is a great concept. Anything that helps connect people with nature and gets us to explore new ideas and ways of working to balance the needs of community, the natural world and our economy is a great step forward.

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