Chair of the Fens Biosphere Steering Group: Roger Mitchell (Cambridgeshire Conservation Forum, Natural Cambridgeshire)

Deputy Chair of the Fens Biosphere Steering Group: David Thomas (Chief Executive Officer, Middle Level Commissioners)

Partners on the Fens Biosphere Steering Group:

Wildlife Trust Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire:

Natural England:

National Farmers Union:

Country Land and Business Association:

Environment Agency:

G’s: Cambs Farm Growers Ltd:

Cambridgeshire Geological Society:

Anglia Ruskin University:

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust:

Cambridge Conservation Forum:

Historic England:

National Trust:

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds:

Water Resources East:

The Fenland Trust:

Middle Level Commissioners:

St Ives Eco-Action

Partners or Partnerships supporting the Fens Biosphere

Natural Cambridgeshire – Local Nature Partnership:

Dame Fiona Reynolds: Master Emmanuel College

Fens for the Future:

ADA – Association Drainage Authorities:

Centre for Ecology and Hydrology:

University of East London:

Great Ouse Valley Trust:

PECT – Peterborough Environment City Trust:

Kingfishers Bridge Nature Reserve:

Ely Group IDBs:

North Level IDB:

Redlist Revival: