What is a Biosphere?

The Fens Biosphere will give global recognition to a unique and valuable area.

A Biosphere is a special status awarded by UNESCO to a unique and valuable landscape. There are 701 Biospheres in the world and they create an international network of communities who are pioneering a positive future for people and nature.

There are 7 Biospheres in the UK but none in the East of England.

Biosphere status is achieved by applying to UNESCO. The application process is usually managed by a group of relevant organisations, charities and local authorities with one lead partner (in this case, Cambridgeshire ACRE) and must be endorsed by a wide range of stakeholders.

Once an area has been granted Biosphere status it’s stated activities will be managed by a constituted partnership drawn from local organisations and community members.

There are a number of golden threads linking the activities of all Biospheres:

  1. Biospheres will meet the needs of their current and future residents and work towards providing secure and happy futures for all.
  2. Biospheres will improve the natural environment.
  3. Biospheres will use new ideas,science and technology to explore new ways of living everyday that solve global challenges.

For more information about Biospheres visit the UNESCO website here.