First Fens Biosphere conference – how did it go?

The first Fens Biosphere Conference was held on the 13 January 2021, it was an online event with presentations/videos and a panel discussion in the morning and workshops in the afternoon. There was also an Exhibition Hall with a number of online “stands ” to visit The aim was to introduce the idea of a Biosphere, explain who was supporting the proposal for a Fens Biosphere and give everybody attending the chance to ask questions and make new contacts.

Some statistics

  • Number registered to attend: 274
  • Number attended: 164 (60% of registered attendees)
  • Most watched morning content: An Introduction to Biospheres (126 ) and The Economic and Social Value of a Biosphere for this area (126)
  • Average workshop attendance: 48 attendees
  • Number of morning chat posts: 337
  • Number of afternoon chat posts: 304
  • Average number of visitors to the eight online stands: 65

Initial feedback

Conference content

The conference was recorded and content is available to view on-demand (up to 12 February) to anybody who registered to attend the event. If you registered and have not received an email with this information please contact

After the 12 February the content will be placed on this website.

Any unanswered questions from the panel discussions will also be answered and posted on this website in February (date tbc) .